10 Indications He Might be someone that is seeing

by Sarah Adelle • September 20, 2015

Phone it instinct. One thing in your relationship seems down. Could he being someone that is seeing? Do you know the indications to watch out for you love may be seeing someone else if you suspect the man?

10 Indications He Might be someone that is seeing

10 Indications He Could Be someone that is seeing

Now these indications don’t constantly suggest that he’s someone that is seeing. But, for you to investigate further if you are seeing several of these signs in your relationship, it is important enough.

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my boyfriend dumped me & only stated we worry too much for the gf. we’re able to be buddies and go out.he does not react on messenger. he stated he had been waiting til wedding for sex,but i do believe he’s having it with someone. Read more