Insolvent Trading Hangs Over Ray Mackereth with His Sex Club owing $189K

Just over  year after Klub Kruise Pty Limited was placed into voluntary liquidation by sole director Ray Mackreth, the appointed Liquidator Vincents has written to creditors showing that the failed sex club owed his staff (excluding himself) nearly $50,000 and the ATO $73,000.


So for Mr Mackereth to be claiming to be a community benefactor this appears to not even offset the money his failed company owed to staff and to the Australian people via the ATO. with total debts of $189,8222.83 . Corporations laws mean that he could be personally sued for this with him risking losing both QNews and White Wolf – his dance party business.


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ASIC documents also show that Mackereth planned to hurriedly close the Klub Kruise down by taking an early resolution which needed 95% of the shareholders to agree. That required Mackereth to communicate with an employee that had taken workplace bullying actions against him. Brenton Larcombe his business partner tells that this was becausee he was worried that the ATO was going to chase Mackereth personally for the company debt to them. which they could not do if it liquidated,  first and there was not money in the bank to pay employee entitlements.