Ray Mackereth in Pictures


Welcome to the portrait gallery of all round community hero Ray Mackereth in Pictures. There have been acres of stories written about this fine and upstanding chap, so go hunting here or even here.

His most recent profile of himself says (notable nothing about him), so even Ray Mackereth has nothing to say about Ray Mackereth, which is probably for the best:

Ray Mackereth In Pictures is also the Publisher of Q News

QNews is a niche publication that caters to 10% of the population. We have carefully developed our brand since the year 2000 and have built a trusted loyalty with our discerning readers. You will not be able to access our readers in the same concentration as affordabley and effectively via any other medium. All of our readers have opened, picked up or read online our magazine because they chose to.

I wonder why no mention of Ray Mackereth in Pictures on his own bio?

Instead he bleats on:


Many businesses benefit by advertising to this niche market. Myself and my team have honed and developed an extensive state-wide distribution including both the printed version and online copies of QNews magazine. We target and cater to a wide demographic within the gay & lesbian (G&L) community that includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex people. GLBTI people generally seek no more or less than most buyers but they do tend to be slightly more sophisticated than some markets. As always there are simple rules to follow when marketing towards any niche market and below I have highlighted some points to assist you.

In short Ray Mackereth in Pictures is a man that does not have the best reputation around Brisbane. If you were employed by him or provided services to him, be warned, you might get less that you bargained for.

If you have been treated by a boss in the same way Ray Mackereth in Pictures treats his staff. Help is available. Click here.