Ray Mackereth was Santa during better times

A tip off has revealed that a Q News Christmas cover issue from 2006 featuring self-proclaimed community benefactor Ray Mackereth as the cover boy was missing from the publication’s website, when nearly all other issues are online.

The cover depicts Mr Mackereth as Santa, the big man in a red suit that only comes once a year, with a sled and bag of goodies overflowing for the good. This imagery is consistent with how he markets himself, as a generous benefactor to those in need.

It is the Christmas edition of 2006, issue 158, the same year it is alleged that Q News fell behind for the first time with employee entitlements, specifically compulsory superannuation. So while Ray Mackereth’s Q News may have missed this one-time-only event when Mr Mackereth graced the cover, here it is. Merry Christmas.

Ray Mackereth is Santa Claus

Ray Mackereth was depicted as Santa in his Q News issue 158 in 2006, that is nowhere to be found on the Q News website

Coming up: Thursday 14 August 2014 is the big day where Mr Mackereth tells the court why he should not face penalties or be held personally liable for Klub Kruise failing to accrue or pay annual leave, long service leave, notice and compulsory superannuation to Brenton Larcombe. Related

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